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Machine Learning Course


Study lake is a collection of advanced machine learning with python and top machine learning courses and many more,   Machine learning is the branch of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn with data, without being externally programmed. The machine learning full course  and  deep learning courses, classes is started now, So hurry up gain knowledge and  make your career.   Many of the students who are pursuing a degree in information technology find it nerve-wracking to complete the academic task assigned to them because of less practical knowledge in machine learning certification course field. It uses artificial intelligence, clustering, neural networks and some statistical tools to perform different kinds of tasks and we also teach machine learning content The machine learning course for beginners is very benificial for business man.

When you are looking to achieve specific career goals in the machine learning full course The Study lake give a chance to you to grow your self in this field best machine learning course training is available in indore with 100% placement guarantee

Machine learning training
Module-wise syllabus for Machine Learning

Without problem solving computer science is nothing, the topics of his module will give you an appropriate training machine learning design and also problem solving techniques

Module 2 :  Algorithms of machine learning

By the use of this module you will come learn a deep knowledge of machine learning, you will learn mathematical concepts of machine learning and main concepts behind algorithms.

Here come the three important aspects of to learn, we will teach you three core libraries in python

  • Pandas for pre-processing

  • Matplotlib for data visualization

  • Numpy for algebra

Module 4 : Supervised learning & Unsupervised learning

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