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Google ads Fundamental


Google AdWords certification or advertising is one of the important aspect of digital marketing. Study lake provides the complete training on  the Google AdWords including all the important element related to google AdWords management. It is an advance type of training, which comes in digital marketing, if you want to get started your career in digital advertise than study lake is best place for your training. Google AdWords course, it is the one of the most effective an important methods of SEO, it is type of paid advertisement. Study lake is the organization in central India that has made Google AdWords training popular in Indore, and Study Lake also comes in tops digital marketing organizations in Indore. The training provided by our organization is sufficient for impressive placements.

Topics to be covered in training –

  1. Introduction to google AdWords
  2. Advertising goals
  3. Research of keywords
  4. Strategy for bidding
  5. Search advertise module
  6. Display advertise module
  7. Video advertise module
  8. Mobile advertise module
  9. Performing and training
  10. Report
  11. PPC basic
  12. Creating search ads