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Franchise with us and get started with a journey of growing together!

Begin with your own digital marketing institute as a Study Lake franchise partner

Study Lake has come a long way in the journey of becoming one of the top digital marketing institutes in India and we are still learning many things each day.

Digital marketing is a big industry and for all good reasons. It is not like traditional marketing which allows organizations to test the results in real time. In digital marketing, consumers are attached and engaged with brands in the ways that were not present earlier. By taking digital marketing franchises from us, you can be ready for future and growth. That is why it is good time to invest in taking a digital marketing franchise.

Why choose us?

We have a digitally ready franchise model, which is low-cost and easy to run allowing you to become successful and ready in no time. Look at some of the reasons why you should invest in our franchise.. 
  1. Full support

We provide with full franchise support to our partners allowing them to start their own business. We will provide you with all the initial trainings at our headquarters by training you on every aspect that is related to the business. This will help you to get started in right way. We will also provide you with templates, case studies, study materials and other forms.

  • Training support
  • Systems support
  • Marketing and Advertising support


  1. Proven model of business

The business model provided by us will help you give 100 per cent revenue from the very first day of business with high yield. Digital marketing is proven technique for your business to excel faster and in a profitable manner.

Easy and Flexible Process of franchise

  • Educational qualifications- Graduate in any discipline
  • Financial qualifications- Ability to arrange resources and capability to invest around 3 lakhs which is the total cost involved for the project.
  • Business experience and skills are must in any functional area.
  • Commitment of sharing the vision and mission of ‘Study Lake’ in field of IT education.
  • Geographical knowledge of the regional market is important.