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Difference between Paid Search and Organic Search


Different between paid search and organic search

 When you are trying to figure out something on your browser or search engine .

And When  you enter the any  word  for e.g. “healthy food” you can obtain  numbers of result and and all the result is based upon the ranking and search engine algorithm and they were also two  kind of search result which can be  carry by the search engine .

  1. Organic search (natural search)
  2. Paid search

They both carry the relevant data you searched on search engine . the paid search and organic search the search results works to transfer the traffic on your website .

However your are using paid search or organic search the relevant keywords , tags , data can be responsible to generate the traffic on your website or webpage . the  search  engine provide the result on the basis of the relevant of your website .

Now we can discuss the both  organic search and paid search  .

Organic search

What is organic search

the organic search result is based upon the natural keyword and tags .

and its completely independent , doesn’t take any cost or price .

the organic search is also based upon the algorithm of search engine . the organic search is based on user search query and relevance .  the organic search result provide the  benefit to the website to grow naturally and provide the credibility .

how dose the organic  search works –

basically the organic search   focused on the independent  ranking of the website .the organic search is based upon the relevance of the website on the search engine result page .

the search engine optimization is used for the organic  search result .

search engine optimization (seo)

search engine optimization works for the controlling and practicing the quality and quantity of the  traffic on your web page  or website    .

the search engine optimization is based upon some key factors

  • on page- the optimization your performing on your own webpage is known as on page optimization
  • off page – the utilization and optimization which are occurs on other page but it relevant to your page is known as off page optimization



There are following tools of seo-

keyword research – the keyword research contain the number of words that relevant to the query and search the number of keyword relevance the chances of increase your ranking will be more .

Audit and crawl – the auditing and crawling is the process in the which search engine analyse the data of your webpage that  contain the original stuff . The crawler study each single words, tags and images of your web page .

Backlink research  –

Back links terms provide a link for the development and helps to reach of your website through the other content . back link also increase the visitors and action on your website .

Seo toolbar – seo toolbar provide the metrics  and  algorithms. And proved the insight of the overall website .how many keywords you can use how many people visited your page . the number of clicked on your page .




  • Relevance of organic search
  1. Organic search is  independent- the organic search is free of cost . the search engine doesn’t  take any money for the organic search  . while you’re using organic research you should provide the relevant data in your website .
  2. Organic search is more beneficial- the organic search is more beneficial than the  paid search .  because you’re not spending money on the search engine so when you get the higher ranking the percentage of your profit is more .
  3. Organic search provide maximum ROI –  the  organic search provide the maximum return of investment . the successful website says that when you get the more ROI what you expected . then you’re going to be on the top . the organic search needs some  case study and market study for the seo .
  4. Attract relevant user on your page – the organic search or search engine optimization attract the most relevant user on your webpage while in the paid search ,your result some irrelevant search .
  5. Organic search is support other social media handle-the search engine optimization utilize the social media campaign ,   the organic search initiate the key words and works with the webpage .   
  6. Organic search increase credibility – while using the search engine optimization the credibility of the website is increase . the SEO website is more reliable compare to the paid search , because the user can trust the organic search rather than the paid search.