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Search Engine Optimization is the process of organically increasing your website’s traffic. These days, it’s the most powerful practice. You need to do it in the right strategies, though. I’m going to tell you Google’s rewarding SEO strategies

Use optimized keywords to create content

Google rewards the quality of the content. The content you generate should be exceptional in order to obtain higher rankings in search engine results. If you want to create traffic by searching, it is best to investigate keywords before you start writing. This allows you to focus on keywords that already have a certain amount of search quantity. Optimizing keywords is knowing where and how to position keywords in your content for maximum user-friendliness.

Meta description tags and alt tags

The correct Meta description and the application of alt tags in your pictures is one of the most fundamental SEO methods. The Meta description should comprise your optimized keywords. Google collects a large amount of SEO Meta description information. Ensure that the Meta description contains your keywords or is a lost cause. You also boost organic SEO traffic in your site by adding your primary keyword to your images ‘ alt text.

Paid Social Media Promotion

Social media is a wonderful way to boost your website traffic. Most social media platforms have promotional publicity to drive your website traffic. Increasing traffic through social media to your website will assist your Google ranking as a whole.