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Want to share your blog posts with more people on Twitter?

Twitter is an excellent place to share your blog posts, but to create significant traffic and visibility, you will have to go beyond tweeting the basics.

You will find several methods in this article to efficiently encourage your blog posts on Twitter without spending any ads.

#1 Just Tweet the Link More

Tweeting a blog link more than once is all right, in general when the content is always green (i.e. in the future).

How nice is this place? Well, you would not like to overflow your Twitter schedule constantly with the same material. But on the day of publication you will post 3-5 distinct tweets at various times. It operates well because every tweet is seen only by a tiny section of your supporters. How much is it after that first day? It’s depending on the size of your archives. If you have more than 300 mostly evergreen blog posts, you can tweet two or more articles every day from your archives.

 #2 Create “Tweets click” in your article

Social sharing links at the end of a post are evident for promoting a post for blog readers. However, a tweet click helps readers share a tweet quote from the article by making this encouragement one further step.

By clicking on the Tweet option, readers can share a quote and link back to their post.


In itself, a tweet is quite brief. A nice little writing challenge can be achieved by making convincing content of 140 characters or less. Short tweets have a 21% greater interaction level below 100 characters.

You can get creative when tweeting a connection to your blog post. Try to make very short tweets which call for your blog post. They work. They are working.You do not need to maintain the name of your post when you tweet about your article.


Enter a flavor of your blog post for your supporters. Give your article a fascinating quote. Try to discover a quote that is brief and provides the content of your article a taste.

Agree, the name of your article you don’t have to tweet. Show a little more about your blog to your supporters.

Twitter quotes in general are really good. Studies suggest that a quote is tweeted for an extra 54 percent. You can use your own website if your supporters like to send your quote again.