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Google comes to mind when we’re talking about SEO, for most search engine marketers. And it’s meaningful. If the search giant is pleasing to you, other search engines will follow along and send traffic to your website.

Most marketers don’t think a profitable channel can also be the second most used search engine. Here’s why optimizing Bing search results can be a real treat for you… Bing has lower competition as all marketers go after Google. And, it has a good market share in the US (including Yahoo search driven by Bing) at 21.3 percent. In addition, in most verticals, the Yahoo-Bing network also has an exclusive crowd.

Unlike Google, Bing SEO comes with a “back to basics” strategy that can be rapidly used and readily ranked by nearly any webmaster.

Here are some advantage of using Bing

  1. 1 Bing gives the searching brands more visibility than Google
  2. 2 Bing counts backlinks more unfiltered than Google (although this changes in favor of the quality of the links)
  3. 3 Websites like .gov and.edu are preferred by Bing SERPs

Here are some technique that can be used to increases traffic on Bing

Technical SEO and Indexation

As Bing evidently states, “the first step towards the development for Bing traffic is to be indexed.” First of all, you need to ensure that all the significant pages of your site are indexed in Bing.

Straightforward keywords

We have been hearing more about semantic search and user purpose since Google Hummingbird in 2012 and less about keywords in the old school context. Unlike Google, the semantic game is not played by Bing. Research demonstrates that broad-based queries are not too great, so simple targeting of keywords will work best here. If therefore you thought that you could sit back and trust Google to decipher your pages ‘ meaning and to find the keywords for which you should be ranked (which you shouldn’t do anyway— see here, number 3). That implies keyword research in your optimization method will be one of the most significant steps.

On-page SEO

Here some techniques you can follow while doing On-Page SEO on Bing

  • Optimize your descriptions and titles.
  • Use (cautiously) Meta keywords.
  • Include keyword with heading and content
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Generate Backlinks