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How to grow up your brand by social media contests

If you want to attach with your customer or grow your group?  And expand traffic on your social media page?  They everyone can be done by Social Media competition. Social contest an amazing chance to promote your brand and product to new followers. It is the generally effective mode to boost your brand online in minimum budget.

A lot of people come on social media platform and follow pages of brands. With your brand, share your post on their profile and give confidence their friends to do equal. To social media contest need an effective plan that can create leads and engagement. There are a few strategies to make social media challenge a huge success.

Determine the reason of the contest

Appreciate your target viewers

Choose the type of contest

Right tools to run your support

Profit of Social Media Contests

Brand Engagement

Re-marketing Opportunities

Increased Brand Assets

Choose a Type of Contests

Video Contests

Video contest are both attractive and effectual. According to Content Marketing institution.

Photo Contests

Everybody likes to share photos, which is why 94-95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram and 400-405 million Snap chat story are produced every day.

Vote Contests

Persons love sharing their opinion, so running a voting competition is a great way to interrelate with fans and produce more leads.