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So, you’ve worked hard to research and write an incredible blog post. You posted it on your website. Why don’t you have many readers?

Do you encourage Pinterest well?

You must drive traffic to it for a good return on investment (ROI) once you compose a blog post. Pinterest is becoming more and more a site where individuals go to read their chosen articles. But how are you going to do that?

Here are a few ways to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

  • Create a Pinterest Blog Board

Specifically for your blog posts. This makes finding your blog posts simple for your followers, and even following your blog board.Make your Pinterest blog board name the same as the name of your blog section. For instance, if you’re an Etsy shop and blog about crafts and DIY projects, name your Pinterest blog board just like your website blog title “Blog” or “My Etsy Blog.” Naming keywords on your Pinterest panel also improves the probability of appearing in search engines.

2 Create Lifestyle Related Boards

On your Business Pinterest account you probably already have amount of boards. If not, you need to stop now and generate boards that resonate with your company as well as your market. Pin it full of blended material such as products, family advice, pictures of lifestyle and more, all about your board theme. Also post connections linked to your blog.

Include: a short overview or quote from the post about your board theme a wonderful picture that mentally links to your board theme a connection straight to your blog post

3     Services Highlight

Not every company sells products. For these companies, Pinterest is still a helpful marketing tool. You can generate a kind of graphic website with Pinterest if you provide a service. If you design websites, for instance, you can tag a home page screenshot. You can attach samples of your job if you are an (info) graphic developer. You can use Pinterest to post photographs that stimulate or share a signal about your job if you give other facilities, such as consulting or teaching job. Financial consultants, for instance, could match pictures that reflect client objectives such as financial independence or education funding.